Friday, February 18, 2011

Welcome !!

Welcome to our blog!

Here we will discuss and analyze the use of artificial intelligence in gaming, Game Theory, IQ enhancing games and puzzles, AI algorithms used in them etc...

Creating games for PC and smart phones (iphone, android, windows mobile) is our hobby. We intend to share our experience and passion with our readers.

Stay tuned for up coming articles on :

Planet Wars (ai contest from Google) and our experience.

Towers of Hanoi : this is covered in many 1st year CS courses on AI. Here we intend to go little deeper, one step at a time ..

MasterMind : The classic board game.

Dual : An addictive yet simple board and puzzle game developed as a new and own concept.

15 Puzzle : you know it! most simplest of board games out there. or is it ?

and many more.....

If you have interesting thoughts, ideas games and algorithms to share, you are welcome to comment in here.

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